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Volunteers: The Real angel's

Pet Angel is volunteer-based, meaning we rely on Volunteers to be able to take care of our kitties, clean the rescue each day, and be apart of our boards and committees that run the rescue. Our Team of Angel's consist of community members of all ages and backgrounds that have one thing in common: A love for the cats who need it most! 

Pet Angel is always looking to add more people to their team of Angels! Whether it's somebody who's retired, a group of scouts or a school club, a sorority/fraternity from a local college, a family who wants to teach their children about volunteering, High School students looking for volunteer hours, those in need of community service hours from the court, or just a heart who wants to love the kitties who need it most... we want you! 

 We have several different types of volunteering you can do here at Pet Angel!

Cleaning Shifts: This is where we need the most volunteers! Our cleaning shifts are twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. Once you are trained by another volunteer, you sign up for whatever shift works with your schedule! Cleaning shifts take about 2 hours, and involves sweeping and mopping cages and rooms, scooping/ replacing litter boxes, providing fresh food and water, replacing any soiled bedding, wiping down furniture/ walls, and administrating medication to the kitties that need it that day. Of course, once your cleaning is done, you get to play, groom and cuddle with all the kitties! Anybody of any age can do cleaning shifts, but if you are under the age of 18, you must have a parent or guardian inside the rescue with you during cleaning shifts (most cleaning shifts, our office staff is not here.) 

Socialization of Cats: This volunteer does not require any training! If you decide to only do socialization of cats, you come in during our open hours and let the office staff know you're here to socialize. There are a couple different socialization tasks that you may be asked to do, like brush the cats, play with them and even read a book to them. We welcome all ages to come in and socialize the cats, so the cats learn to get along with every type of person for when potential adopters come in. 

Animal Enrichment: These volunteers are in charge of making the environment inside the rescue fun and exciting each day for the kitties. They are in charge of getting to know each kitty and what kind of toys they like and need, creating homemade toys/puzzles to keep the kitties busy and work on target and clicker training our cats. If you join this team, you just come in once a week when we are open and work with each of the kitties in the rescue on having fun, being active, and playing!

Fostering/ Bottle Feeding: We have lots of cats that are often in need of fosters. If we have a mother and babies, sick cats, cats in need extra socialization, special needs kitties, or babies that need bottle feeding, we need homes for them to be able to spend some time in. Foster homes must have space in their home to separate their foster cats from their own cats (in cases of introducing to the home, and if you get one that might be sick,) as well as be able to administer medication and give extra TLC to the kitties who need more work. Those interested in bottle feeding must be able to be home every 4 hours ( or be able to take the kittens with them to work, since bottle feeds require to be fed every 4 hours, even throughout the night) and have experience in bottle feeding kittens.

Fundraising Committee and Event Volunteers:  We are privately owned, non-profit, 5(0)1(c)(3). This means that we are not state funded. We depend on the donations from the public, as well as the funds our fundraising committee raises each year. We are always looking to add driven and dedicated people to our fundraising committee, as well as volunteers who would like to work events that we do as volunteers. Each year we have a silent auction, sell T-Shirts at the Balloons Over Bavarian Inn Hot Air Balloon Event, sell our cookbook at the Kris Kringle Market in Frankenmuth, as well as other miscellaneous events throughout the year. If you're interested in fundraising, or working events to help us raise funds for our never-ending vet bill, we love to have you on board!

Barn Cat Program: This is a new program at Pet Angel Adoption, and we're looking to add new volunteers to help this program grow! Volunteers in this program will be working with feral/ semi-feral cats and will be helping place them with barn's/ farms/ warehouses with kitties to help them keep the pest control down. Volunteers on this committee will help care for the feral animals while they are waiting to be placed in a new home, as well as transport them to and from. If you have experience in TNR, and working with feral kitties, we'd love to have you join this new task force!

No matter the type of volunteer you sign up to be, you're making a difference. Not only by loving and caring for each and every kitty that comes into our care, but you're the reason we can do what we do. Without you, Pet Angel is nothing. We're excited to add you to our Team of Angels, and look forward to hearing from you soon!


How to become a volunteer:

1) Download and fill out our volunteer application by clicking the blue button above titled "volunteer application" 

2) Print it off or email it to

3) Come into the rescue when we're open and tell the office staff you want to volunteer. They'll give you a tour and get you set up with a training date!