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Pet ANgel

Some adopters know exactly what they want in a cat! They're looking for a cat that has a certain personality, or looks a certain way, or is a certain age. And other times, potential adopters have no idea where to start. They come into Pet Angel and meet 30 cats who all look different, have completely different personalities, and are even all different ages. It doesn't matter what kind of adopter you are, coming into the rescue and meeting that many potential pets can be overwhelming. Sometimes potential adopters even leave without a cat because they have too many options, or feel bad only taking one and leaving all the others.

So we found a solution! 

We have a team of Cat Specialists who would love to pair YOU up with YOUR purrfect cat! Think of it as a dating service, but you end up with a cat for life instead of a date! Our volunteers spend a lot of time in the rescue. While they're here each week, they get to know all our adoptable cats on a personal level! We have collected a handful of volunteers who are waiting patiently to help pair YOU up with your new, furry best friend! 

Interested? Awesome--It's easy! 

All you have to do is answer the questionnaire on this page and hit send! It's vital that you answer ALL the fields 100% honestly. This is not a pre-adoption form, so you're not committing to adopting a cat yet. This is just a form that tells our cat specialists what you're looking for.

Once our cat specialists receive your form, they will work hard to pair you up with 3-5 different cats that are currently up for adoption at Pet Angel. You will receive an email in 7-10 days from one of our specialists with bio's on each animal, pictures and an invitation to come in and meet your matches!

Pet Angel does not put holds on an animal, so once you get your matches, you'll want to come into the rescue and meet them before somebody else claims them as their own. We know that giving you several to choose from can still be hard because you can't take them all. However, Pet Angel is a no-kill rescue, and most of our cats are cage-free. Our cats are very happy, healthy, and extremely loved while they are with us. You will see for yourself when you come in and visit. Don't feel bad about leaving some with us because they weren't your purrfect match; focus on the one you did fall in love with because you get to love that kitty for the rest of your life! 

We are excited to offer our new PURRfect Match program to you and are excited to help you find your new family member! So, what are you waiting for? Get to the questionnaire and let's find you your new kitty!