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What Do You Get Out Of It?

Pet Guardian Package Options

Have you ever wanted to get involved in helping the homeless pets in the area but can't have any more in your home? Well, we have a solution for you. We have plenty of homeless cats that we are loving and caring for, while we search for their forever home. Some are young, some are old; some are injured, some are healthy. Some were surrendered, some were strays, some were born here. Some were abused, some were lost, some were sad. But now they're here where we make sure that they are not only cared for but unconditionally loved each and every day.

However, we always need your help in caring for each and every one. Even if you aren't near us and can't donate your time, there are other things you can donate to help us. 

By becoming a Pet Guardian, you can financially care for an animal we currently have in our care while they are looking for their forever home. You can choose what you want to sponsor, whether it's their housing fee for the month, their veterinary care for the month, or both their housing fee and veterinary care for the month; or pay for all of it the entire time they are with us! 

First Month Sponsorship


This sponsorship will pay the FIRST month of care for one cat at Pet Angel. This includes:

-- Rent for the facility

-- Gas/Electric for the facility

-- Litter

-- Food

-- Spay/ Neutering

-- FIV/ FELV  testing

-- Vaccinations

-- Microchip

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Vetting Sponsorship


This sponsorship will pay for one month of vital vet care for one cat at Pet Angel. This includes:

-- Spay/Neutering

-- FIV/FELV Testing

-- Vaccinations

-- Microchip

Full Sponsorship

$120 first month

$30/month after

This sponsorship is a repeating sponsorship, repeating as long as the animal is with us, or until you decide to end the sponsorship. This will pay for the entire first month of care, including housing and vetting, and then will just cover housing the following months.

After you pick your sponsorship package, fill out a form with your information and make the payment; we will match you up with a cat who is in need of the sponsorship you chose. You will receive a picture of the cat, a biography on them, and updates throughout the month on how they are doing. A tag will be added to their name tag in the facility with your name on it, and display what type of sponsorship they received from you! Once they are adopted, you are given a picture of them with their new family, and you are given the option if you want the new family to be given your information or not. This way, they can keep in contact with you about how the kitty you helped is doing! 

Sound like something you want to do? Or maybe something you just want more information on? No problem! Fill out the form below and one of our volunteers will email you back to help you get started!


Housing Sponsorship


This sponsorship will pay for one month of housing for one cat at Pet Angel. This includes:

-- Rent for the facility

-- Gas/Electric for the facility

-- Litter

-- Food