If you, or somebody in your family, is allergic to your kitty and found this website because you really don't want to have to give up your kitty, we get it. We understand. And we recommend you try Allerpet first! There have been dozens of times where individuals in your shoes call us, wanting to surrender their pet and we recommend they try Allerpet first... out of every person we've recommended the product to, not ONE CAT has been surrendered because the product worked!! 

Allerpet is the holy grail product for anyone with cat allergies, and the best part is they have a formula for dogs too! For more information on Allerpet, check out their website by clicking here!  

If you want to buy a bottle to try, I recommend shopping around online for the best price, some websites have them listed for more expensive than others. If you click here, you can find Allerpet Cat and a mitt for the lowest price on Amazon we can find! Remember to shop AmazonSmile and pick Pet Angel Adoption & Rescue as your charity to donate a small portion of your sale to Pet Angel! (Don't know what Amazonsmile is? Click here to find out! It's a great way to give back while online shopping, WITHOUT any extra money out of your pocket!)

We hope Allerpet works for you, actually, we're willing to bet it WILL work for you! Anything to help you feel better, and keep your loving kitty in your loving home! 

The best part about Allerpet? IT WORKS! Our manager, Abby, wanted to adopt a kitty named R2 in 2017, but her roommate, Maddie, was extremely allergic to cats. Her eyes would swell, her throat would swell, she would sneeze and cough and feel miserable. So Abby and Maddie made a deal, and they bought a bottle of Allerpet. 

Abby and Maddie put Allerpet on R2 the 1st of each month, and R2 could sit on Maddie's lap, cuddle with her in bed, and Maddie didn't have any problems! Toward the end of each month, she would start to get a little sniffly, but he was always treated on the 1st of the month, and that took care of the problem! 

A year later, Maddie adopted her own kitty, Bernard! Abby, Maddie, Bernard and R2 lived together for a year, but after college graduation, Maddie and Bernard moved back home. Today, thanks to Allerpet, Maddie and Bernard live together in Harmony! 

​​​We found the HOLY GRAIL PRODUCT that makes it possible to keep your cat, AND have no allergy problems! 

Far too many times, we get phone calls from families who tell us they need to surrender their cat because somebody is allergic. Whether it's the new grandchild, your new boyfriend, your daughter-in-law, your own mother, or even yourself- we found a product that will not only make it so you can keep your pet, but the person with the allergy will be able to hold, pet and even cuddle your cat without any allergic reaction! 

Too good to be true, right? 

Wrong. It exists. It won't break your budget, it's easy to apply to your kitty and it works for an entire month with only one application! 

Allerpet is kind of like a "leave in conditioner" for your cat, but instead of conditioning the fur, Allerpet neutralizes the dander that we're allergic to. The application process is so easy, all you do is pour the product onto a washcloth (or the mitten that comes with the product, if you pay for the mitten) and rub it all over your kitties fur. This can be done monthly or weekly, and it neutralizes the dander! You're good for a full 30 days, until you have to apply it again. ​​

"I Need To Surrender My Cat, Somebody Is Allergic."

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